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En soms

Je droomt wel vaker van een feest
maar hier ben je nog nooit geweest
iedereen kijkt naar voetbal
en een vent zeurt aan je kop
wat wil die man in hemelsnaam
hoe kom je hier
hoe kom je hier vandaan
en als je wegkomt
waarheen wou je dan wel gaan?

hij praat maar door maar jij dwaalt af
dus je weet niet wie de wedstrijd wint
als je luistert naar de wolken
als je luistert naar de wind
je agenda en je zonnebril
wat doen die hier nou

maar je ligt weer in je eigen bed
in je eigen lot
en opeens staat alles stil

een motor draait
de baby huilt
een vogel schreeuwt
de dag begint
en de snelweg suist


t is altijd wat en altijd spijt
van al het geld en alle tijd
op de onverharde wegen
die je naar hier hebben geleid

de ochtenden zijn wit en koud
en hoe je ook je stuur vasthoudt
de wind komt door je handschoenen heen
je vingers zijn versteend

zo is er altijd iets wat je verlamd
en is het niet de wiet
dan is het wel de drank of zo
het spookt maar in je hoofd

het was lang geleden een eeuwigheid
je fietste op de afsluitdijk
ik weet niet wat je er nu van vindt
als je luistert naar de wolken
als je luistert naar de wind



Deel zoveel (teveel)


In de afgelopen dagen heeft Gaddafi zijn ware , wrede gezicht weer eens laten zien. En de wereld? Die draait door. Behalve voor honderden mensen die de pech hebben gehad toevalligerwijze in Libie geboren te worden.


Salem Gnan, a London-based spokesman for the National Front for the Salvation of Libya, says eyewitnesses in Tripoli have told him the navy has opened fire on parts of the capital.

We have just heard that the military ships are bombing an area in Tripoli and many people have been killed although we don't know how many at the moment because people have just called to tell us it is happening.

Gnan said the navy appeared to be bombing a residential area outside the city centre as part of a desperate crackdown by Gaddafi's troops.

He is even turning the ships on his people now. His plan is to use absolutely everything he can to stop what is happening.

Gnan said he had had also had reports of ongoing shooting around Gaddafi's residence in Tripoli and said more people were taking to the capital's streets as darkness fell. "This is going on because if it stops that means it is finished. This will be the last act." He said people were travelling to Tripoli from across the west of Libya for a "final showdown.


Alleen kijken als je een sterke maagd hebt, ruwe opnames uit het heetst van de strijd. Bloed etc.


Ondertussen in Iran


Vandaag is de geboortedag van Ja'far as-Sadiq (743–765) ; een belangrijke profeet en Iman voor de sjiitische bevolking in (onder andere) Iran. De green movement is wederom massaal de straten op gegaan om te demonstreren tegen het onmenselijke regime, en wederom slaat de overheid hard terug met ingehuurde strijdkrachten. Bovenstaand filmpje schetst een overduidelijk beeld van wat er momenteel in de straten van Teheran aan het gebeuren is...


En laten we ook Libie niet vergeten :






On Saturday, a senior aide to Mousavi released a statement lashing out at the government in some of the harshest language yet.

"The ruling regime went on a suppression spree for two years, jailed and even raped our youth, but the Green Movement is still alive," .

Picture 20 "Last Monday’s rally proved to the regime that the movement is still alive," it continued. "This issue scared the rulers who decided to isolate the movement leaders."

During a pro-government event on Friday, some supporters of the government called for Mousavi and opposition figure Mehdi Karrubi to be executed.

"[Authorities] have to submit to people’s demands and let a democratic establishment take shape," the statement said.

"Honoring martyrs is a deep-seated tradition in our country and we expect a strong presence," it said. "We should watch out for infiltrators and vigilantes who may try to hijack the ceremony. In their slogans, people should ask the Revolutionary Guardsmen and police forces to join them. We should keep in mind that we are not enemies of our opponents; we oppose dictatorship and suppression of people."



Respect voor de moed van de burgers van Iran.




It's been a long cold winter without you
I've been crying on the inside over you
Just slipped through my fingers as life turned away
It's been a long cold winter since that day

It's hard to find
Hard to find
Hard to find the strength now but I try
And I don't want to
Don't want to
Don't want to go on and speak now
Of what's gone by

'Cause no matter what I say
No matter what I do
I can't change what happened
No matter what I say
No matter what I do
I can't change what happened

You just slipped through my fingers
And I feel so ashamed
You just slipped through my fingers
And I have paid

'Cause no matter what I say
No matter what I do
I can't change what happened
No matter what I say
No matter what I do
I can't change what happened
No no I can't change

You just slipped through my fingers
And I feel so ashamed
You just slipped through my fingers

And I have paid

Anneke van Giersbergen & Danny Cavanagh - A natural disaster


" In the end we will not remember the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends"

Martin Luther King

Geen woorden, maar daden

Bahrein :


Bahrain's army has locked down parts of the country's capital and protests have been banned after at least five people were killed in anti-government clashes, according to reports. Five died after security forces moved in on thousands of demonstrators gathered in the city of Manama.

Witnesses said at least 50 people were injured as officers armed with batons and tear gas broke up a protest camp around the Pearl roundabout, which was also occupied by some women and children. About 60 people are said to be missing after the early morning raid, which followed days of protests on the island nation east of Saudi Arabia. Tanks have rolled into Manama's streets and military has taken control of key parts of the city, banning any further protests.


Iran :



As the crowds gathered in Tehran’s Enghelab and Azadi avenues, riot police and government-sponsored plainclothes Basiji beat protesters and threw tear gas, according to eyewitness accounts and YouTube videos.

Unidentified motorcycles indiscriminately opened fire on the crowds. Sane Jaleh, a Kurdish student at the Art University of Tehran, and Mohammad Mokhtari, 22, were officially counted among the dead according to government propaganda news agency, Fars. Other demonstrators sustained gunfire injuries according to official reports. Fars reported that 1,500 demonstrators were arrested transported to the notorious Evin prison. Police and security authorities have refused to respond to inquiries by families of the detainees.




Opposition website Libya Al-Youm said four protesters were slain by snipers from the Internal Security Forces in the eastern city of Beyida, which had protests Wednesday and Thursday. It's not clear when the protesters were killed. The website also said there was a demonstration Thursday in Benghazi, Libya's second-Largest city. Switzerland-based Libyan activist Fathi al-Warfali said 11 protesters were killed in Beyida on Wednesday night, and scores were wounded.

Al-Warfali, head of the Libyan Committee for Truth and Justice, said two more people were killed in another city, Zentana, on Thursday while one protester was killed in Rijban, a town about 120 kilometers southwest of Tripoli.A video provided by al-Warfali of the scene in Zentana showed marchers chanting and holding a banner that read "Down with Gadhafi. Down with the regime."




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